Ecology sound rodent proofing is a onetime solution to an age old problem.

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SHIP SHAPE offers the sensible alternative to baits, continuous visits and possible odor from dead animals.

Rodents eat almost everything used as food by man. With their droppings, urine, dirt, and hair, they contaminate much more than they eat. Their constant gnawing can damage upholstery, wood plastic and lead pipes. They can jeopardize human life by chewing wiring and gas pipes.

Throughout history, rats and mice have been considered one of the greatest health hazards to mankind. Rodents have been known to transmit deadly diseases such as the bubonic plague. They are carriers of typhoid and dysentery.

Rodent problems increase in cooler months when the pests come inside in search of food and shelter. They can enter an opening as small as ¼ inch. SHIP SHAPE PROFESSIONAL RODENT PROOFING will close these openings and quickly trap out any remaining rodents in your home. Your SHIP SHAPE Technician/Inspector will make a free survey of all of the areas where rodents could enter your home. They will show you how our service provides an effective shield against rodent infestation.