About Us

Founder Larry Kravinsky

Larry owned Ship Shape Landscape in New York from 1986-1997 bringing annual revenues to $750K+ and sold to Servicemaster Corp in 1997. Started Ship Shape Pest Control in 1998 and Ship Shape Enterprises in 2000 bringing annual revenue to $2.2M currently. We provide prompt pest and termite inspections and treatments for property management companies, realtors, home inspectors and individuals and guarantee both the best job as well as the best price for any of our services. We also do roof inspections and repairs as well as mold testing and remediation. We work with many wholesale contractors to enable us to perform any type of construction or repair project at very competitive rates to enable our clients to conveniently solve any problems while maintaining lower costs and speedy completions. At the same time we’ve started a new Ship Shape Landscape here in Fl. using organic and green treatments aimed at raising brix content rapidly in turf and plants making insecticide application unnecessary and ultimately having a positive influence on initiatinga change in agriculture which will in time reduce health care costs in this country by creating a healthier population.

Specialties:Termites inspections and wholesale treatments, pest control, rodent control and sanitation, mold testing and remediation, organic lawn, tree and shrub care, soil modification and inoculation to stimulate root expansion removing carbon from the atmosphere


Certifications/ Affiliations


  1. Part of the EEA (Environmental Assessment Association)
  2. America’s Home Inspections in Collaboration with Pro-Lab Certified Mold Technicians
  3. Environmental Assessment Association (EAA) – Certified Environmental Inspector
  4. Our office has over 36 hours of instruction of Structural Fumigation at Broward College * Natural Sciences Department
  5. Premise 75 Insecticide Service Provider
  6. Purdue University Degree – Center for Urban and Industrial Pest Management – Pest Management Technology 6th Edition
  7. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services- Preventative Term Treatment